Fillers in Menlo Park, Atherton & Palo Alto, CA

Fillers Are Used for Different Areas on the Face. If You Are Looking for a Fuller Face, Then Fillers May Be Right for You! Call Us for More Information at (650) 550-2693.

Fillers in Menlo Park, Atherton & Palo Alto, CA


Fillers are biocompatible formulations that are injected into areas of volume loss to restore youthful fullness that often disappears with age. Many different fillers, each with unique properties, are available at Entre Nous Aesthetics. Being able to choose among a selection of fillers enables your injector to fully customize your treatment.

Our most popular fillers are the hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. The HA fillers can be injected into the face to restore or augment cheek projection, soften nasolabial folds (the depression that deepens between the nose and the lips, enhance lip fullness, fill temples that have become hollow and soften undereye depressions. Recently the HA fillers have also been approved for use in the hands. These fillers are soft and malleable and can restore fullness in a natural and flattering way. An added plus is that all of the HA fillers can be dissolved quickly and safely, reversing the effect, if so desired.

We are happy to carry two families of HA products:
Allergan Family of Products:
Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus

Galderma Family of Products:
Restylane and Restylane Lyft (formerly Perlane)
Restylane Silk
Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne

Sculptra and Sculptra Aesthetic are in the filler category because they are used to restore fullness to the aging face. They do so, however, in a different way than the HA fillers. These “fillers” are made up of Poly-L lactic acid (PLLA) which is the same substance that absorbable sutures are made of. They work by stimulating your body to make more collagen. In so doing, Sculptra and Sculptra Aesthetic strengthen the skin while also adding volume. Because this product depends upon your body’s response, results are not immediate. Most people require a series of 3 treatments with a waiting time of 4-6 weeks between treatments. before results can be appreciated.
Dr. Weston is an expert Sculptra injector. She has lectured extensively on this product and has trained many Sculptra injectors in California and Nevada.

Radiesse is a calcium hydroxyapatite filler that we use frequently for rejuvenation of the hands. It can also be used in the face in many of the same areas as the HA fillers and Sculptra. Radiesse has the advantage of having a white opaque color which is particularly useful in hands with thin skin.

Fat has become a popular filler in recent years. It has the advantage of being natural tissue and many patients are more than happy to move fat from one area of their body to another. When fat is moved, the fat cells will need to re-establish a blood supply in the new location in order to survive. Some of the cells will establish a new blood supply and some of the cells will not. Those that don’t survive will be removed by our body’s scavenger cells. This can make fat grafting somewhat unpredictable. On the positive side, fat cells that do survive will be present forever.


Although most of the FDA -approved areas are on the face, fillers can be used safely almost anywhere that volume loss has become noticeable. It is only in recent years that plastic surgeons have come to realize how important soft tissue fullness is in maintaining a youthful appearance. Oftentimes sagging skin simply needs to be “filled back up” rather than cut and pulled. There’s a place for both surgical and non-surgical intervention in treating the aging face but no one can question that restoring volume is of utmost importance in achieving aesthetically pleasing, natural results.

Areas commonly treated:
Hollow temples
Flattened cheeks
Small chin
Deflated, disappearing and/or wrinkled lips
Downturned corners of the mouth
Depressed areas beneath the eyes
Lateral jawline
Nasolabial folds (folds extending from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth)
Marionette lines (folds extending from the corners of the mouth to the jowls)
Upper lip wrinkles
Backs of hands


Fillers are injected during an office visit. Usuallly 45 minutes will be reserved for your treatment. You will be greeted at the front desk where you will check in for your appointment. You may be taken directly to a treatment room or you may opt to go to our serENity Lounge to relax and allow time of topical anesthetic cream to take effect.

We offer patients the option of having topical anesthetic (anesthetic cream) applied over the treatment areas. Those who wish to avail themselves of this opportunity are asked to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointments to allow adequate time for the medication to take effect. Nearly all of the fillers that are used at Entre Nous Aesthetics are mixed with Lidocaine or Marcaine, increasing the comfort of the procedure as it moves along. Our injectors use the smallest needles possible and we employ a variety of comfort modalities to make your treatment as pleasant as possible. Most patients report that they worried needlessly about their experience beforehand.

Whenever the skin is pierced with a needle, there is a possibility of bruising. Patients can improve their chances of having a bruise-free treatment by discontinuing any aspirin of NSAID’s (ibuprofen/Advil/Motrin/naproxen sodium/Aleve, etc.) for TWO WEEKS prior to your treatment and avoiding omega-3 fatty acids for 5 DAYS prior to your treatment. It is okay to take Tylenol.

A variety of precautions are taken to limit bruising. These may include the use of the AccuVein vein finder to visualize hidden vessels beneath the surface of the skin and application of a topical vasoconstrictor which causes vessels to constrict. Applying pressure immediately after injections greatly reduces bruising and the use of Arnica as a homeopathic gel and in tablet form have been shown to reduce bruising. These products are available for purchase as is a concealer palette in the event that bruises occur.

Because we can never promise that bruises will not occur, please keep your social and business schedule in mind when you make your appointment for a filler visit. When bruises do occur, they can last up to two weeks! (This is why we focus so hard on prevention!!!)

You can expect up to 72 hours (3 days) of minor swelling. If your lips were injected, expect the swelling to be more noticeable. Applying ice periodically during the first 24 hours after treatment can be helpful in reducing swelling. Antihistamines can be used to decrease swelling and in rare cases, oral steroids may be prescribed.


The results of fillers varies depending upon the particular filler used and the area into which it was injected. Your injector will be able to be more specific about your particular treatment. The range of filler duration spans 4 months to 2 years. Transplanted fat cells that survive will last forever. WE recommend avoiding vigorous, deep massage and heat to the areas of treatment when possible, as this may cause your body to degrade the products more quickly. (except in the case of Sculptra and Sculptra Aesthetic). Patients often ask if they will look worse than they did before the filler injections once the filler is completely gone. Rest assured that this will not happen. Once the filler is gone, you will return to your pre-injection state. Most patients do not wait for the fillers to completely disappear. Liking their results, they tend to return to maintain the results when they begin to notice a change.

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