Dermaplaning in Menlo Park, Atherton & Palo Alto, CA

Looking for the Best Non-Invasive Treatment That Can Help Rejuvenate Your Skin? Consider Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning Gently Removes Dead Skin Cells & Peach Fuzz, Resulting in a Smoother Appearance & Brighter Skin Complexion. To Schedule a Dermaplaning Consultation, Please Call at (650) 550-2693 or Visit Us at 1047 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Dermaplaning in Menlo Park, Atherton & Palo Alto, CA

Dermaplaning is a simple and effective treatment option for patients seeking to revitalize their facial appearance without any invasive procedures. At Entre Nous Aesthetics, our highly trained clinicians offer exceptional brightening and smoothing of your facial skin without any risks or complications. If you are looking for dermaplaning near you in the Menlo Park, Atherton, or Palo Alto, CA area, we can help you enjoy the benefits of smoother, softer facial skin.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a method of physical exfoliation that utilizes a surgical-grade scalpel to gently remove vellus hair and the uppermost layer of dull skin. A skilled provider can offer patients safe and effective removal of dead skin cells and peach fuzz that will leave you with softer, smoother skin that feels revitalized. Facial hair can trap dirt and oil, leading to breakouts and uneven skin tone. Dermaplaning is a fast, non-invasive aesthetic treatment that can improve the way you feel about your appearance and allow you to enjoy smoother application of products without any recovery necessary.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning is achieved by pulling the skin taught and using an extremely sharp surgical blade placed at an angle to remove hair and skin with short strokes. Dermaplaning is different than shaving because it uses a much sharper blade to more effectively target and remove the upper layer of skin cells that can look dull and damaged.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dermaplaning?

Many people can benefit greatly from a dermaplaning session. However, some patients may wish to avoid dermaplaning if they have excessive oil or active acne. People who have especially dark or thick facial hair may also wish to avoid dermaplaning. While vellus hair will not grow back thicker or darker after dermaplaning, terminal hair might. Those with thicker facial hair may also be at a higher risk of developing a rash or razor burn following a dermaplaning treatment session.

What Are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

The most obvious benefit of a dermaplaning session is immediately softer, smoother skin. By removing the top layer of skin and annoying peach fuzz, you can reduce the appearance of acne scars and improve the ability of your topical treatments to penetrate more deeply. The physical exfoliation offered by dermaplaning also stimulates natural cell regeneration. Dermaplaning allows you to enjoy a smoother application and make your skincare routine more effective. If you are interested in a non-invasive technique that can boost the results of your skincare products, so you enjoy better long-term results, dermaplaning may be the treatment you have been waiting for.

What Should I Expect During My Procedure?

Your aesthetician will begin by cleansing your face to ensure it is free from oil and debris. They will then use a sterile scalpel to gently remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz all over your face. There is no anesthetic required and the procedure is generally quick and painless. Most dermaplaning sessions will take approximately 20-30 minutes. At the end of your procedure, your clinician will gently wipe away the hair and skin that has been sloughed off, leaving you with immediately brighter, smoother skin.

What Should I Expect After My Procedure?

There is no recovery time required after your dermaplaning procedure. Caring for your skin after your treatment will require moisturizing and using sun protection. The most common side effects are some mild redness or dryness, and very rarely a skin nick similar to those experienced by men who shave their faces regularly. Nearly everyone who undergoes dermaplaning can return to their regular activities immediately following their procedure.

At Entre Nous Aesthetics, we provide comprehensive aesthetic treatments including dermaplaning for patients in Menlo Park, Atherton, and Palo Alto, CA. Call us today to schedule your dermaplaning session and enjoy the benefits of exfoliated, softened skin.

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