Entre Nous Aesthetics COVID-19 Office Update

During these challenging times, we want to guide you regarding our services, our work timings, and how we will be helping you in this tough period. Please call us for more information.

Our primary priority is to keep you and our team members healthy during this COVID crisis. We are continually updating our procedures and policies to assure that we are in compliance with both CDC and government safety recommendations.


  1. When scheduling your appointment, you will have the opportunity to complete all necessary forms electronically in the comfort of your own home, saving time in the office.
  2. We ask that you reschedule your appt if you are not feeling well, have any COVID symptoms, or have had an unexplained fever within the previous two weeks.
  3. Social distancing is easy in our immaculate 4,000 square foot facility. We continue to limit the number of patients in the office at any given time. Arrows have been placed on the floor to ensure the contactless flow of patients and staff within our space.
  4. We have upgraded the HVAC filtration system throughout our office. In addition to wiping-down any potentially touched surfaces with disinfectant, we now FULLY UVC sanitize the entire room for 15 minutes, then purify the ozone from the air with HEPA and activated carbon filters between patients. Cleaning frequency is documented on each of our seven exam room doors.


  1. Your visit to Entre Nous Aesthetics will be as “touchless” as possible.
  2. Our staff will be wearing well-fitting masks at all times. Most clinical staff will also be wearing face shields.
  3. NO WAITING ROOM: Call us when you arrive. You will be asked, once again, COVID-screening questions. We will let you know when to come to the door.
  4. Please arrive wearing a mask, no face makeup, and hair pulled back (not tight).
  5. We ask that you bring minimal items into the office and refrain from using your mobile phone. Should you need it, we will UVC-sterilize it for you.
  6. You may use your foot or elbow to automatically open the front door.
  7. Once inside the office, you will be greeted by one of our staff members who will offer you hand sanitizer at the door.
  8. She will spray your shoes with disinfectant (top and bottom), so please remember to wear shoes you don’t mind being sprayed with liquid.
  9. A medical assistant will guide you to your treatment room. Once in the room, we will ask you to wash your hands.
  10. Should your treatment require removing your mask, we will give you mouthwash to swish and gargle for 45 seconds. In addition, you will be offered a handheld, disposable, filtered mouthpiece that filters the air your exhale.
  11. Please avoid touching anything in the office. We will offer you gloves to hold the (fully sanitized) hand-held mirror.
  12. We ask that you please use the restroom before leaving home to avoid having to use the restroom in the office. (Of course, the restroom will be available for emergencies!) If you need to use a mirror or sink after your treatment, you may remain in the exam room.
  13. Check-out with credit card is touchless and is in front of an 18 foot long, three-sided, acrylic barrier.

We want to remain opEN.
Help us in our efforts to prevENt the spread of COVID-19!

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